Wholesale Cream Chargers

You may well think that one is enough, but that is often never the case – wholesale cream chargers are there to make sure that you aren’t ever going to go short – perfect for Christmas, perfect for lovers, perfect for parties! Of course you might worry about what is going to happen if you never use them all … well take it from me – you can never have too many chargers!!!



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Knifelicker – voodoo knife block

The weird and irrelevant site knifelicker.com is taking on the voodoo knife block in a competition to make the most irreverent and left-field take on the knife. All in contrast with the notion of the voodoo knife man being a force for evil – after all, knives don’t cut people – people cut people – but using knives ….  Continue reading

Voodoo Knife Block Review

So there was me just thinking that it was a device for holding knives – I’d totally ignored the potential of the voodoo powers of the knife man … design classic – yes, but to think that it could actually make it as a voodoo doll is something entirely unexpected! I was getting all prepped for a dinner party – all ingredients and espuma churning cream chargers at the ready – think come dine with me as the inspiration. I was perhaps getting a bit distracted as I worked my way through the recipe steps – thinking about Claire and her useless dead-beat husband, who not only is a looser but is also a tedious bore – well the negative thoughts were passing through my mind as I used the knives, in and out of the voodoo knife block – not intentionally, but still stabbing and thinking Continue reading

Cream Chargers Necklace

I was thinking about the potential for a cream chargers inspired piece of jewellery when I spotted this advert for boxes of used cream charges here I can definitely see the potential fro putting together something that would look a but like a metal mickey decoration with hints of counter culture and surfer sharks tooth to it …. I might get it together to complete this and send the finished product off toCheeky Monkeyto see if they are interested in flogging them – cream chargers


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Cream Cocktails


  The whole idea of cocktails gives me the heebee geebees – can they really be better than the individual elements when used on their own? Is it all really a science … I tried to investigate to see where exactly the truth lies….

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